Renee Byrd, LMT giving a woman a Swedish massage in the Studio 210 salon massage studio.

Massage Therapy Reduce tension and relieve chronic pain.

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Portrait of Renee Byrd, LMT in Downtown Bennington, VT

Renee Byrd is a licensed massage therapist providing massage therapy for Bennington, VT and the surrounding area. She integrates a variety of massage techniques and energy work to help you reduce your pain level and tension. Reneeā€™s massage style focuses on how you will feel for the days and weeks following your massage.

50 million of Americans suffer from chronic pain.1

Massage increases blood flow to sore muscles and can change the way the brain responds to pain.2

What type of massage will help you the most?

Whether you suffer from chronic pain, are recovering from a specific injury, or need to take some time for yourself to relax, Renee will determine the right combination of massage techniques to support your health and well-being.


Additional services that can be added to any massage appointment.

Hot Stone Therapy

Hot stone therapy being applied to a woman's upper back during a massage appointment

Hot stones applied during a massage help your muscles relax. Once your muscles are relaxed, Renee will be able to work with your deep tissues more effectively. Releasing that extra tension makes it possible to provide a deeper massage to relieve your sore muscles.

Paraffin Wax Hand Treatment

Hands being dipped into paraffin wax before a massage appointment.

Using paraffin wax on your hands and feet before a massage is a way to apply a moist heat that eases pain and loosens your joints. This is especially valuable for people suffering from arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome and people who spend a lot of time on their feet.

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Interested in Meditation?

Renee is a trained meditation instructor and hosts bi-weekly meditation groups for stress relief. When life becomes overwhelming, meditation can serve as a tool to overcome the challenges that block you. Renee introduces the principles of sitting meditation, walking meditation, and strategies for using art, music, and reading for stress management.

To become part of a meditation group call
(802) 379-9437

Packages & Gifts

Regular customers, get a discounted rate on your massages by purchasing four in advance.

Giving the gift of massage to someone you care about shows them you are invested in their good health and well-being. Massage rejuvenates the spirit and heals our bodies and minds.

Packages & Gifts

In Response to COVID–19

This is a time of change and concern regarding COVID-19. Massage and bodywork require skin-to-skin contact so additional health and safety requirements will be in place.

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