Portrait of Renee Byrd, Licensed Massage Therapist in Downtown Bennington, VT

Meet Renee Byrd, LMT

Bennington's local & independent licensed massage therapist

Renee moved to Vermont in 2013 because she was captured by the beautiful streams, hills and trees. She located her studio in a two acre tree lined space that will take you out of your day-to-day and let you focus on your health.

For Renee, massage is about empathy, about connecting with the person on her massage table or chair. Giving people recovering from injuries and living with illness massages has deepened her understanding of the strength people exhibit during difficult times. Every massage she gives is done with complete focus on the person she is with and helping their body unwind itself.

Renee helps others prioritize both physical and mental health by hosting regular meditation groups. She is a trained meditation instructor who has had an active meditation practice for over 20 years. She has experienced first-hand how different forms of meditation can help with stress management and has developed systems for teaching others about seated meditation, walking meditation, and ways to use art, music, and reading for mental balance.

Renee is an active part of the Bennington community. She donates her time to the Wig Bank program, the VNA Hospice in Bennington, and the Bennington Solidarity Working Group.

Renee graduated from the Green Mountain Institute for Integrative Bodywork, is a Reiki Master, and a certified and insured member of ABMP

The Paper Mill Village Bridge in Bennington, Vermont

Renee’s Community Involvement

Renee has partnered with Lori Congdon from Studio 210 to help individuals living with cancer by providing massage and hair services to those who need them. They have had the opportunity to witness people’s incredible strength during a difficult time.

Renee and her family are involved with the Bennington Solidarity Working Group. They consider ways to promote local job development using cooperative working groups. The group is currently developing a solar farm to lower energy costs for low to mid-income families.

Flexible scheduling available at 2 locations.

Renee supports the Bennington Community’s long‑term health and well‑being.