The arms of a woman sitting in a massage chair while receiving a massage from Renee Byrd, LMT.

On-Site Chair Massage

It isn’t always necessary to go to Renee’s studio to get a massage. Renee regularly does chair massage for local businesses and at community events.

Offer chair massage for your employees

Employee workplace chair massage programs show that you are committed to your team’s health and well-being. Renee has designed her program to meet the needs of businesses in and around Bennington. All she needs is a small quiet place in your office to set up and she will help reduce the stress level your employees.

Research has shown that even short 15 minute massages during breaks once a week have a lasting impact on productivity1. Instituting a chair massage program can decrease stress-related employee turnover, and absenteeism, improve morale and increase the likelihood of your employees working with you to lower company healthcare costs2.

Mary Pleasant, Volunteer & Bereavement Coordinator for the Bennington Area VNA & Hospice center

“I asked Renee to come in and give chair massages to our staff because it is important to me to give back to the people who give so much of themselves. They spend so much of their time caring for others and tend to put their own health on the back burner.

When Renee introduced/reintroduced them to massage it reminded many of them how important it is to carve out time for themselves. It was a great experience and the feedback I received was glowing. Everyone loved getting that 15 minutes of self-care!”

– Mary Pleasant, Volunteer & Bereavement Coordinator, Bennington Area VNA & Hospice

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Let Renee personalize your experience

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Offer chair massage at your event

A chair massage is a pleasant treat for the people who attend your event. Whether the event if for your friends, your employees, or your community Renee will bring everything she needs to provide a relaxing and rejuvenating experience for your guests.

Logo for Spice 'n Nice, a Bennington, VT natural foods retailer

“I was sure my customers would love to get a chair massage from Renee so I had her come in for an event. She was friendly and on-time. She used a space we have on the porch and made everyone feel welcome and well cared for. People responded well to Renee.

I love that I can offer this service to my customers and help connect them with a great massage therapist.”

– Lucinda Bedard, Owner, Spice 'n Nice

Jeanie Jenkins, Coordinator of Academic Services for CCV Bennington

“Renee came to campus during Wellness Week to make chair massages available to our students. Every year we want to help students reduce their stress level and to think about caring for themselves during a hard time in the term.

I announced that Renee was available for chair massage sessions and many signed up. I was impressed by how Renee managed to work through the line of students by the end of the afternoon. Many of the students tried massage for the first time – and loved it. We plan to make chair massages from Renee a regular part of the annual event!”

– Jeannie Jenkins, Coordinator of Academic Services, CCV Bennington

  1. Shulman, K.R. & Jones, G.E. "The effectiveness of massage therapy intervention on reducing anxiety in the work place." Journal of Applied Behavioral Science 32 (1996): 160-173

Flexible scheduling available at 2 locations.

Renee supports the Bennington Community’s long‑term health and well‑being.