Trees at the corner of Brambley Ln and Clyde St in Bennington VT.

Renee Byrd Healing Arts, LLC

160 Brambley Lane · Just 5 minutes from 4 Corners in Bennington!

If your appointment is at the Renee Byrd Healing Arts' studio your GPS may not get you there.

  1. From Main Street go east toward Burgess Road. Turn right onto Burgess Road.
  2. Drive just under 2 miles then turn right on Clyde Street (No Outlet).
  3. Follow the road it curves to left, and then about a 1/4 mile later it will curve to the right. At the right curve, turn left onto Brambley Lane.
  4. Follow for about 1/4 mile. Turn into the first driveway to the left (the turn is before a white house). You will see a white address sign.
  5. The studio is not yet visible. Continue to the end or the road. Park in the second drive way (there are signs to indicate where).
  6. If you are having any trouble finding it call Call (802) 379-9437.

Flexible scheduling available.

Renee supports the Bennington Community‚Äôs long‑term health and well‑being.